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Happy Halloween carved in pumpkins


Our Host

Craig Gillespie


Larry's Produce.

Without Larry's donations of pumpkins, the pumpkin patch never would have been as successful a community event as it turned out to be. XOXOXO

Pumpkin Crew

Thanks to our family, neighbors and friends who volunteered their time gutting and craving pumpkins. Without their help the Pumpkin Patch would not be what it became.


Susan Barnes (2009)
Linda Barney (2007)
Howard Bennion (2010-2011)
Tony Cratz (2003 - 2013)
Donna Hansen (2006,2008)
Duaine Foley (2010)     
Arnold Jensen (2006)    
Phil LeSueur (2013-2015)
David Paulson (2008)
Diane Toolson (2008)
Laura Karst (2010)      
Leslie Karst (2009)     
Frank Weber (2014) 

Webmaster & Site Hosting

Tony Cratz

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Credits | Craig Gillespie's Halloween Pumpkin Patch


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